AGC Chemicals Celebrates 100 Years Of Solving Customers’ Chemical Challenges

EXTON, Pa. — November 8, 2017 — AGC Chemicals, a wholly owned subsidiary of Asahi Glass Company, is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Asahi Glass began the chemical business in 1917 to produce soda ash, a raw material in flat glass that had become difficult to import from England during World War I. Since then, AGC Chemicals has expanded its research, development and production to include chlor-alkali and urethane, gas and solvents, fluorochemical and life sciences products. AGC Chemicals Americas was formed in 2004.

Through its Chemistry for a Blue Planet Program, AGC Chemicals is committed to reducing the environmental impact of chemical production and use. This means the company works to ensure that its activities are safe for employees, customers and the public. At the same time, AGC Chemicals continues to solve customers’ challenges using high-quality environmentally compatible materials.

AGC’s fluorochemicals are used to make products that can resist harsh chemicals, extreme heat and severe weather conditions. For example, their plastic films are used as high-performance building materials, and their resins are used for paints and coatings that help buildings and bridges resist weathering for more than 30 years, among many other products and applications.

“This is an exciting time for AGC Chemicals in terms of developing new products and applications to meet our customers’ needs, while continuing to be a steward of the environment,” said Hiroo Mori, president of AGC Chemicals Americas. “Demand continues to grow for environmentally friendly chemicals that enhance the performance of products used in applications like architecture, automotive, aerospace, electronics, paper, textiles and other consumer materials.”

AGC Chemicals Americas manufactures, markets and sells fluoroproducts including Fluon® fluoropolymer resins, film and compounds, AFLAS® fluoroelastomers and AsahiKlin fluorinated solvents. The company also markets and sells specialty chemicals including LUMIFLON® FEVE resins, AsahiGuard® E-SERIES water and oil repellants, F-CLEAN® greenhouse films, Solesphere fine silica additives and various fluoro intermediates.

Posted November 8, 2017

Source: AGC Chemicals Americas Inc.