AmeriPride Launches New Service Providing First Aid Supplies

MINNEAPOLIS — October 4, 2017 — AmeriPride Services today announced the launch of a fully managed first aid service that allows customers to quickly and effectively respond to first aid emergencies and injuries. The new service offers wall-mounted first aid cabinets, eyewash stations, individually packaged over-the-counter medicines and motorist kits for fleet and mobile personnel to businesses of all sizes in various industries.

AmeriPride replenishes the first aid supplies as necessary to meet ANSI and OSHA regulatory standards and service log requirements. Cost for this service starts at $9 a week with no upfront costs.

“I’m thrilled that we are bringing a unique, cost-effective solution to the market that genuinely eases the hassle and worry of running a compliant and safe business,” said Dave Rotman, Vice President of Marketing and Supply Chain for AmeriPride. “Our unique safety offering will help customers satisfy regulatory requirements and ensure their employees have the proper supplies needed in an emergency.”

First aid cabinets include hospital-grade products and prepackaged modules specifically labeled and organized for quick response and treatment of burns, eye wounds, serious wounds and resuscitation. Modules are designed so that even inexperienced first responders can effectively assist in an emergency situation.

Some of AmeriPride’s other safety products include slip-resistant floor mats, flame resistant and high visibility and enhanced visibility uniforms, as well as restroom and cleaning products. AmeriPride’s new first aid products and service can be found online at

Posted October 5, 2017

Source: AmeriPride Services