Milliken Launches Website For Newly-Created Specialty Interiors Business

SPARTANBURG, S.C. — September 28, 2017 — Milliken & Company has recently launched a website designed specifically to highlight the advantages of its newly created Specialty Interiors business. Aimed at providing a streamlined approach for customers, the new site, provides an overview of the company’s full range of interior textile service and product offerings in the home, office, healthcare, hospitality and specialty event markets.

The result of customer and market input, the new website presents Milliken’s Specialty Interiors products and solutions in the manner customers would find them in the market. In addition to easy market navigation, the site allows users to view products by application, including seating (including furniture), vertical surfaces (including acoustic panels, systems/benching and screens), drapery (including window treatments, privacy curtains and theatrical and display products) and bedding (including top-of-bed and bed skirts). The site also includes technical specifications for major product categories to make product research and selection easier for users.

In addition to convenience and an easily navigable design, the site emphasizes Milliken’s commitment to market education and advancement. Through the video and download section, users will be given an opportunity to learn more about issues of importance to them, while the news and trends section will help keep users up to date on market dynamics and innovations.

“The purpose of this site is to help buyers learn more about Milliken and what we offer in the interiors space.” said LeAnne Flack, marketing manager, Milliken Specialty Interiors. “This site not only demonstrates our unique capabilities but also brings awareness to the Interiors markets.  We will continue to add to it over time.”

The Specialty Interiors business is a consolidation of several businesses within Milliken that occurred as part of the realignment of Milliken’s Textile division.  The Specialty Interiors business is capitalizing on the newly gained synergies to better serve the needs of its customers and sell in a more cohesive and market-driven manner, while achieving economies of scale and sharing best practices to drive continued growth and innovation.

“While Milliken is a globally recognized leader in many of the markets it serves, many of our customers were unaware of all the products we produce in the Interiors market,” said Jennifer Harmon, vice-president, Milliken Specialty Interiors. “Our history and expertise make us more than just a mill. We don’t simply make fabric; we produce solutions, and our new structure allows us to better showcase the breadth and depth of our expertise to meet the needs of our valued customers while reaching new targets.”

Posted September 28, 2017

Source: Milliken & Company