GIS Offers Drive Electronics Compatible With KM Heads

England-based Global Inkjet Systems (GIS) has expanded its product range with the addition of flexible drive electronics compatible with the Konica Minolta (KM) KM1800i and KM1024i double-head modules. Konica Minolta now offers these pre-aligned modules — used in its Konica Minolta Nassenger SP-1 single-pass digital textile printer and the KM-1/KM-C cut sheet printers — to original equipment manufacturers (OEM) machine builders and system integrators. According to the company, the GIS HIB-KM1024i and HIB-KM1800i Head Interface Boards — both capable of driving two printheads — work with the new KM printheads and offer complete printhead waveform control.

A GIS HIB-KM-1800i head interface board

“The trend to higher resolution single pass continues, and these new modules enable integrators of KM heads to build higher capability systems,” said Debbie Thorp, Business Development director at GIS. “[A]nd the modules are commercially proven in KM’s own production systems.”

January/February 2017