American Roller Launches New Release Coatings Product Series

UNION GROVE, Wis. — February 21, 2017 — As the industry founding father of Plasma Coatings Release and Traction industrial coatings, American Roller is pleased to announce the release of the Plasma Coatings PC-43000 Series.

This new coating is designed for stationary and rotating parts, including web process industrial rollers. The coating family features new Low COF formulations, and a Smooth, Easy Clean, surface finish. The series includes four different combinations of surface textures and hardness ranges. This coating offers chemical resistance and long-lasting release and clean ability as compared to Teflon® and previous generations of Plasma products.

This scratch resistant coating eliminates attachment sites for microfibers and other fine particles that can cause build up and enhances corrosions resistance properties.

“There are so many opportunities for industrial coating technology to add value in manufacturing processes,” explains John Meggers, product manager. “The performance of PC-43000 exceeded our expectations and it is exciting to bring improvements to the industry.”

Posted February 21, 2017

Source: American Roller Co.