ITMA Asia + CITME 2016 Exhibitor Preview: Terrot

CHEMNITZ, Germany — October 5, 2016 — On October 21 the doors of ITMA ASIA + CITME, China’s most important trade fair for textile industry, will be opened to present latest textile trends and machinery for textile production.

Terrot Group, manufacturer of circular knitting machines will exhibit in hall 4 booth F12, showcasing two machine models of the brands Terrot and Pilotelli.

Terrot’s circular knitting machines are produced at the site of Chemnitz, Germany, whereas Pilotelli’s are made in Italy.

Terrot Machines For Special Applications Advanced Double Jersey Jacquards With UCC548E

With its machine range Terrot offers the means to produce a large variety of knitted fabrics for several applications, from fashion and sportswear supported by transfer technique and Interlock Mini Jacquard or home textiles such as special mattress ticking machines to transfer and spacer technology for technical textiles.

Among the latest models are the Double-Electronic Jacquard UCC548E2 (2-way technique) and UCC548E3 (3-way technique) with electronic needle selection both in dial and cylinder. It masters high gauges up to E28, which allows various pattern styles on both sides of one fabric. Rapid pattern changes are easily processed via direct pattern data upload and changeover time is reduced.

The model UCC548E3 will be exhibited at ITMA ASIA:

Exhibition Machine UCC548E3
UCC548E3, 34“, E28
Diameter: 30”
Number of feeders:48
Gauge: E22
Needle Selection: Piezo needle selection in 3-Way technique in cylinder, Piezo needle selection in 2-Way technique in dial
Knitting structure: double electronic jacquard
Fabric Application: sportswear, leisure wear, underwear, fashion outerwear, technical textiles

Pilotelli Macchine Tessili Sinkerless Technology SL-4 Powerful Single Jersey production

The SL4 version, latest generation of Pilotelli’s sinkerless technology, incorporates newly engineered technology that is patented by Terrot. Easy to use, the Pilotelli sinkerless machine guarantees high output and reduced maintenance.

This machine model stands for extremely reliable plating technology – especially in use of elastane, very low maintenance up to 10 times fewer and user-friendly operation. It masters fine fabrics up to gauge E40 and the stitch forming technique is in a stationary point of the cylinder. Consequently one obtains a superior uniformity of the stitch and a total absence of vertical lines. This does not only improve fabric quality but also supports easy maintenance and energy saving. Due to the absent of conventional sinkers the cleaning frequency of the knitting head is reduced. The in-build click-clack system solves the problem of picking up the dropped-off fabric. In traditional machines, sinkers must be replaced after a certain period of time because of the wearing out caused in the knock-over area.

The SL-4 model is available with tubular frame or open width frame, and is also available in special configuration for high-speed production. This machine model is ideal for the production of leisure wear textiles.

The model SL-4 J 3.0-4 T.3 will be exhibited at ITMA ASIA:

Exhibition Machine SL-4 J 3.0-4 T.3
Diameter: 34”
Number of feeders: 102
Number of needle tracks:2 cam tracks equipped for high-speed single jersey
Knitting Structure:  single jersey
Fabric Application: leisure wear

Terrot welcomes visitors at the ITMA ASIA + CITME 2016 at booth F12 in hall 4.

Posted October 11, 2016

Source: Terrot