Lectra And Politecnico di Milano Join Forces To Host A Design & Technology Seminar

PARIS — July 12, 2016 — Lectra recently co-hosted a Design & Technology seminar in Milan with the Department of Design and the POLI.design Consortium of Politecnico di Milano, one of Italy’s largest technical universities.

Politecnico’s Department of Design joined Lectra’s Education Program in 2014. The partnership between the two organizations is based on a commitment to training students on the latest innovations in design technology and techniques to give them an advantage on the labor market. Students benefit from hands-on experience using Lectra’s latest generation technology, as well as its expertise and knowledge of industry best practices.

The seminar was an opportunity for students and executives from the upholstered furniture, marine, and automotive markets to gain valuable insights into the ways recent technological innovations can bolster design creativity and development efficiency.

Explorations of market trends and changes, as presented by Caterina Rorro, Marketing and Communications Director, Lectra Italy, emphasized the importance of offering innovative designs, accelerating development speed and reducing costs for companies across the three industries.

A demonstration of DesignConcept, Lectra’s 2D/3D solution for virtual prototyping, costing and creation of technical specifications, showcased the multiple ways in which the solution’s collaborative product development and pre-production process helps companies address these market challenges.

Stanislas Joly, General Manager of Sylvain Joly Designs, detailed the benefits of DesignConcept’s virtual prototyping process for designers. “The gap between the original design and the final product can be frustrating for designers. With a solution like DesignConcept, cost and technical constraints can be integrated from the beginning; modifications and changes can be easily made and then shared among all teams. The increased communication and visibility significantly shorten process times and also allow us to ensure that the end product resembles our original intention as closely as possible,” he said.

“DesignConcept has been a valuable addition to our training program and a strategic asset for students. The ability to optimize the aesthetics, feasibility and production costs on-screen is a powerful learning tool,” added Professor Andrea Ratti, Director of the Master in Yacht Design, Politecnico di Milano.

Posted July 12, 2016

Source: Lectra