A Revolution In Reflectivity: MagnaColours Launches Innovative New Product Range

BARNSLEY, England — June 17, 2016 — Expert water-based ink manufacturer, MagnaColours, is breaking ground with the launch of a brand new range of reflective inks. The Magnaprint® Reflective Range meets the once-thought-impossible challenge of achieving high-quality, multi-colored printing on sportswear and fashion garments, while remaining toxin-free.

MagnaColours constantly seeks to stay ahead of the game, pioneering the most advanced technologies and techniques with an innovator mind set and a desire to make the world of ink a more sustainable place. With superior reflectivity, unmatched wash performance, and a bright, resilient finish, these new inks demonstrate the power of Magna’s forward-thinking.

The inks are easy-to-use, with a 12-month shelf life and no need for an additional catalyst during the printing process. This means that performance efficiency is over and above that of the competition, and the inks have no restrictive pot life once opened.

Tom Abbey, managing director at MagnaColours, said: ‘The launch of our MagnaPrint Reflective Range shows how our drive to innovate runs through everything we do. These new products create truly amazing results, and we’ve achieved them because we see no challenge as impossible. We have created this range to respond to the growing market need for better, more versatile inks that do not harm the environment. Our audience is at the heart of what we do, and meeting its needs every step of the way is vital. I am thrilled to be advancing and enhancing the Magna name in this way, and the new range is just the next step towards leading the water-based ink market.’

The product range comprises MagnaPrint Reflective SB, MagnaPrint Reflective Clear, MagnaPrint Reflective Crystal Clear, MagnaPrint Reflective 3R Black, MagnaPrint Reflective 3R Silver, and meets an array of industry needs. All of the new inks perform with brilliance and resilience on sportswear and fashion textiles, achieving the best possible finish for any requirement.

With an ethos of environmental sustainability running through its core, Magna’s growing portfolio of water-based, non-toxic, environmentally friendly products is fast establishing the business as a worldwide leader in water-based inks.

Posted June 17, 2016

Source: MagnaColours