Yarn Expo Spring 2016 Reports Strong Exhibitor And Buyer Numbers

HONG KONG — April 14, 2015 —The latest edition of Yarn Expo Spring concluded last month with a new record set for the exhibitor number. This increased 23 percent compared to 2015 to 309 exhibitors from 11 countries and regions, with the exhibition area also up 40 percent to accommodate this extra demand. While remaining stable, the visitor figure of 20,527 from 77 countries and regions (2015: 20,719) did not lessen the amount of business taking place at the fair, with many exhibitors reporting strong levels of orders and enquiries from existing and new customers.

Commenting on the fair’s success, Wendy Wen, Senior General Manager of Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd., said: “We are pleased to see more suppliers using Yarn Expo as their preferred platform to access the global yarn market, which was especially the case this edition with buyers from nearly 80 countries and regions attending the fair. Not only are the figures pleasing, but the optimistic feedback expressed by exhibitors and buyers demonstrates the positive atmosphere about the future prospects of the industry.”

Industry-leading companies see Yarn Expo as effective platform to engage with quality and target buyers

As Asia’s most reputable yarn and fibre trade event, Yarn Expo is a key platform for well-known global companies to present their newest products and meet new buyers. This year, Birla Jingwei presented their latest product lines — Birla Modal and Birla Spunshades — and Senior Manager Peter Dong said: “We’re very satisfied with the result this time. Our main goal is to connect with downstream buyers directly and we’ve met many of them over these three days. Yarn Expo engages a broad range of buyers, and it’s an ideal stage for us to introduce the company and products to our target buyers as well as to establish solid business relationships with them.”

Another big-brand exhibitor PT Indo-Rama also reported positive accomplishments. Its representative Mahesh Natesan said: “We’ve received many enquiries and many serious buyers have visited our booth. This fair has made a significant impact on our business development because the new contacts we’ve gotten over the last two years have improved our business.”

Growing participation from Uzbek exhibitors as buyers seek out their products

Uzbekistan’s cotton yarns are becoming more popular in the fair, which is reflected in the expanding presence of its exhibitors. After a rewarding experience at last year’s Yarn Expo Autumn, Quva Tekstil Ltd. made its first appearance in the spring fair. General Manager of the Export & Import Department Ergashev Oybek was pleased to see more of his compatriots participate in the fair. “We are so happy to see an increasing number of Uzbekistan mills exhibit here, and we find more buyers already know about our products as well. Not only did our current buyers visit our booth, but numerous new buyers also made enquiries. This fair is very useful for promoting our brand better in the high potential Chinese market. I highly recommend other mills from my country to join.”

Indian and Pakistani suppliers confirm the steady demand for overseas products

While some exhibitors began the fair concerned about decreasing demand in China for overseas yarns, the experiences of many companies in the India Pavilion and Pakistan Zone allayed this. Ravindranathan Narayanasamy, Joint Director of the Cotton Textiles Export Promotion Council (TEXPROCIL), the organiser of the India Pavilion, commented: “We’re very positive about the China market and, for sure, China will continue to be the biggest importer for cotton yarns. Without a doubt, China is the world’s biggest manufacturer, but the supply here is not enough to cater to the massive demand in the country. As a result, the import of overseas yarns will remain stable.”

What’s more, Narayanasamy said the majority of Indian exhibitors achieved their main exhibition objectives, which were to strengthen relationships with existing customers, as well as to explore new opportunities from Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, the US and different parts of China. One exhibitor with such rewarding results was GTN Enterprise Ltd. Its General Manager of Marketing Department, R Mohan Kumar, commented: “The visitor profile is the best feature of Yarn Expo for us because it features buyers not only from China but also other Asian countries like Japan and Korea. We think the contacts we’ve made during the fair will develop into serious business afterwards.” Narayanasamy further explained emerging business opportunities for Indian exhibitors: “We are seeing many new importers from Chinese provinces such as Jiangsu and Zhejiang as well.”

Pakistani fancy yarn exhibitor Abtex International Ltd. also felt the positive sentiment in the fair. The company’s Director Mohammad Saad said: “There are so many buyers asking for our products and getting samples. For certain collections, we’ve already given away all the samples we brought.” Meanwhile, he also expressed his confidence in the China market: “There is so much for us to explore in the China market, plus we are very competitive due to the fact that we can produce the same quality products at a much lower price.”

Industry players foresee promising market for synthetic fibers and knitting yarns

As verified by exhibitors at the fair, synthetic fibres hold much potential for the industry at present. Lejun Wang, vice director, R&D Center of well-known Chinese fiber manufacturer Hi-Tech Fiber Group Corp. commented: “We find that buyers here have a definite intention to place orders of fibers and polyester acid products. We’ve already met with several big brand buyers who showed strong interest in our new products.” Thai exhibitor Lucky Spinning Co., Ltd. experienced the same, with its Chief Marketing Officer Umesh Sharma saying: “Of those that have visited our booth over the last three days, around 80 percent were existing customers and 20 percent were new buyers. As a synthetic yarn manufacturer, we are pleased to see this increasing demand.”

Dong from Birla Jingwei also sees bright prospects for the synthetic fiber market. He explained: “Eco-products, such as recycled polyester, natural-dyed polyester and viscose fibers are going to be even more popular than before. Therefore, I think the synthetic fiber market will continue to enlarge.”

Furthermore, knitting yarn is also on track to become one of the most popular products at the fair, especially as buyers from PH Value, the concurrent knitting fair, also source in Yarn Expo. Victor Hu, CEO of Nantong Monofilament Technology Ltd., commented: “I came here from PH Value, and it’s so great to be able to buy knitting yarns in Yarn Expo.”

Buyers impressed by extensive variety of exhibitors

The diversity of Yarn Expo has always been a key attraction for buyers. Rabee Kalash from Dubai’s Ahmed Kalash & Sons International Trading Co. complimented the fair. “I’m so impressed with the array of exhibitors Yarn Expo has gathered, and have already placed orders. The fair is really helpful as I can make useful contacts here.” Chinese buyer Wang Lixing, General Manager of Nantong Qiyi Textile, agreed: “I’ve noticed an even wider range of new products on offer this year. I have already placed orders with several exhibitors.” He also commented on the industry’s future: “We can’t deny that the global economy slowed industry growth last year; however, I think it’s now picking up and will reach a new high point. I’m very confident about this.”

The next Yarn Expo Autumn will take place from Tuesday, October 11 to Thursday, October 13, 2016. Yarn Expo showcases a wide spectrum of natural and blended yarns including cotton, wool, flax / regenerated flax, silk, and man-made fibers and yarns, as well as specialty products including elastic, and fancy and blended yarns.

The fair is organized by Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd; The Sub-Council of Textile Industry, CCPIT; China Cotton Textile Association; China Wool Textile Association; China Chemical Fiber Association; China Bast & Leaf Fibres Textiles Association; and China Textile Information Centre

Posted April 14, 2016

Source: Messe Frankfurt