Sanitized Opens TecCenter

Switzerland-based Sanitized AG has opened the TecCenter at its headquarters to offer enhanced product development and customer support. The center can help a customer determine which Sanitized® antimicrobial technology is best suited for an application, as well as help develop new products with integrated hygiene function, material protection and odor management properties. The TecCenter also includes a testing facility for polymer and textile coatings, equipment for manufacturing plastic films, coating support; and textiles may be finished using the pad transfer technique, extraction technique or dye bath method.

“The equipment in our new Sanitized TecCenter, allows us to conduct application tests at laboratory level to advance product developments and optimization which, so far, had to be carried out in customers’ manufacturing processes at great expense in terms of machinery, time and energy,” said Urs Stalder, CEO, Sanitized. “In close cooperation with our customers, we can now effectively advance their R&D projects.”

March/April 2016