Autefa Solutions And Campen Machinery Partner, Offer Machinery For Airlaids And Spunlaced Airlaid Products

FRIEDBERG, Germany — April 11, 2016 — Autefa Solutions and Campen Machinery A/S have made a partnership and offer machinery for airlaids and spunlaced airlaid products

In March 2016, the two companies have made an agreement to cooperate in the development and sales of machinery and production lines for the traditional airlaid industry as well as for the new “Hydro Laced Airlaid Process” (HLAL) for non‐ flushable and flushable, dispersible, and biodegradable nonwovens, invented by Campen Machinery Denmark.

André Imhof, CEO, Autefa Solutions Austria GmbH and Arne Christensen, CEO Campen Machinery A/S explain: “With our two companies we are building a strong partnership. Each of our companies has developed new and energy‐saving technology. Together we offer complete lines to produce flushable wipes. With our combined portfolios we offer advanced production technology, starting from raw material to the final nonwovens products.”

Autefa Solutions offers spunlace, drying and powder scattering technology as well as carding and card feeding technology. For the spunlace process Autefa Solutions has developed a new hydroentanglement jet. This technology enables 30-percent energy savings due to the special jet design. A new Square Drum Dryer SQ‐V completes the line.

Campen Machinery is the specialist for webforming from pulp fibers, or other fibers, via fiber dosing, hammermill and airlaids technology, compacting/embossing or calandering units, as well as the winding technology of airlaids or spunlaced airlaid products.

Autefa Solutions product range includes fiber preparation machines, nonwovens cards as well as aerodynamic web forming machines (Airlay), crosslappers and needle looms for mechanical bonding. Autefa Solutions Switzerland delivers equipment for thermal bonding, drying systems including dryers and ovens for the wood pulp and short cut stable fiber based Airlaid industry.

Campen Machinery has many years of experience of development and manufacturing of different types of equipment for the carpet and nonwoven industry. The product range includes coating and lamination lines, winding, slitting, rewinding purposes and packaging as well as complete lines for the artificial turf and carpet industry. Campen Machinery headquarters is in Denmark and is owned by VARO A/S. For more than 40 years, the group has built hammer mills, drum forming heads and complete lines for globally leading manufacturers within the airlaid industry. The group has supplied process lines and equipment for the airlaid industry equal to approximately 20 percent of the world’s airlaid capacity. A process of 40 years, of which the group is very proud of.

Posted April 11, 2016

Source: AUTEFA Solutions Germany GmbH