Savio Macchine Tessili: ITMA 2015

PORDENONE, Italy — November 4,2015 —  Since 1911, Savio has specialized in the yarn-finishing segment, being the leading supplier of winding, twisting and rotor spinning machines, with manufacturing plants spanning over Italy, China, India and Czech Republic.
At Hall 4 Stand B101, Savio will highlight breakthrough innovations in the winding segment, which is today its core business. There are important novelties in the pipeline, all representing high-end and niche products with important technological content:

  • Eco PulsarS, a quantum leap forward in automatic winding;
  • the drumless Multicone technology;
  • the Volufil Multicone automatic winder for continuous shrinkage, bulking and heat setting.

Eco PulsarS

Sustainable eco-green advantage. A quantum leap forward in automatic winding with energy savings of up to 30 percent and enhanced productivity of up to 10 percent.

Eco PulsarS, with its sustainable eco-green advantage, replies to the market demand of energy saving, including also room air conditioning, together with improved production performances, high quality packages and utmost flexibility. The combination of all new features and design has created an environment in which each part of the machine can operate at its optimum level and without limitations. Spindles and bobbins feeding systems set independently the level of suction required. Suction is generated as needed and used without losses. The new Controlled Cut System, Yarn Tension Control System, Waste Collection&Separation System and Upgraded Splicing Solutions, each contributing to the overall reduction of the process downtimes.

Polar Multicone

Multicone: The digital yarn layering technology

The Polar winder, extremely popular in all markets of the world, is absolutely the Savio bestseller. This state- of-the-art machine has been designed keeping in mind the demands of our customers in terms of increased productivity, reduced energy consumption, reduced waste and production of yarn package of top high quality.

Further emphasis has been given to realize machines friendly use and almost maintenance free for any type of working environments.

All POLAR models (manual feeding, automatic feeding free standing, automatic link) represent the utmost technology available: the previous success of the mechanical models has been followed by the last generation of the fully controlled electronic one, which is today the state-of-the-art.

Savio’s Multicone digital yarn layering technology (drumless) is available for Polar range and represents the proper solution to achieve flexibility, for an easy and fast change in the winding process to prepare all formats. Packages for dyeing, warping, weft, knitting, double twisting, require a different and flexible package formation in terms of geometry, edges shape and density.

Polar “Multicone” system represents today the proper solution to achieve this kind of flexibility in the package formation.
Volufil Multicone

Volufil Multicone combines thermic treatment and winding process on a single machine.
The consolidated success of the “Volufil technology” and the new demand of different yarns for diversified fabric applications, has requested several new developments on the machine technology. The new Volufil Multicone represents the proper reply to the new markets requirements.

We have extended the technological process on acrylic heat set yarns, on special yarns (chenille) and on traditional HB Acrylic fibers, also blended with wool and elastomeric filaments.

The new winding system “Multicone” allows the best solution for any yarn type and package format with different traverse take-up. The Multicone system allows the tailoring of package for different end use with simple settings on PC.

Posted January 19, 2016

Source: Savio Macchine Tessili