Clean And Dry


tain resistance and moisture management have come together in a unique new fabric
collection developed for use in uniforms and outdoor apparel. Spartanburg, S.C.-based Milliken
& Company’s Correro® fabrics are the product of a collaborative effort between Milliken; DuPont
Apparel and Textile Sciences, Wilmington, Del.; and Glen Raven Mills, Glen Raven, N.C. The
resulting fabrics, made from DuPont™ CoolMax® polyester and DuPont Cordura® nylon, are woven by
Glen Raven and enhanced and finished using a newly developed DuPont Teflon® hydrophilic
stain-release finish, as well as a proprietary process developed by Milliken.

Correro is the newest offering in Milliken’s Synthetic Woven Apparel Division’s SmartWev™
collection of innovative fabrics that feature the performance attributes of synthetic fibers
combined with natural-fiber aesthetics. The new fabrics were introduced by Milliken and DuPont at
the 2001 Outdoor Retail Summer Market in Salt Lake City. They are available in a variety of colors
in both top and bottom weights.

A Marriage Of Concepts

Yarn and construction improvements give the fabrics a matte finish, and enhanced processing
gives them a softer hand for added comfort. The fabrics are constructed in various twills and
sateens that place CoolMax on the inside to wick moisture away to the fabric’s outer surface.
Cordura on the outside provides durability and abrasion resistance. The Teflon finish is added to
provide resistance to stains and spills by encapsulating each fiber in a molecular shield. Because
the finish is hydrophilic, it does not interfere with the moisture-management and quick-drying
properties of CoolMax, as do most stain-resistant finishes.

In laboratory tests of all performance properties including moisture transport, fabric
pilling, wash-and dry-clean fastness, color retention, abrasion resistance and breathability,
Correro achieved excellent results. Wash- and dry-clean-fastness and color retention earned perfect
scores, and wicking performance rated well above CoolMax Extreme Certification Standards.

Consumers can expect to see the first Correro apparel products in retail stores in time for
the Fall 2002 season.

For more information about Correro®, contact Sam Whitt, Milliken & Company, (864)

October 2001