The Marchi & Fildi Group Presents The First Edition Of Its Sustainability Report Which Relates To The Year 2022

Marchi & Fildi Filidea headquarters

BIELLA, Italy — November 22, 2023 — The Marchi & Fildi Group presents its first Sustainability Report which relates to the business year 2022. The document is part of the journey towards consolidation of internal sustainability performance, a topic which has always guided the company’s values and choices in terms of innovation of products and processes, facility technology, and relationships with the region and people.

The 2022 Report has the objective of describing the company profile, the management model, the initiatives undertaken and the main results over the course of the years pertaining to ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance. It was drawn up pursuant to a selection of “GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards” (GRI- referenced claim) published by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), on the basis of the topics relevant for the Group and its stakeholders and which moreover constitute the factors on which to focus actions and strategies relating to ESG.

The data and the information reported examine the performance relative to the companies Marchi & Fildi S.p.A. and Filidea S.r.l. during the year January 1, 2022, to December 31, 2022. In addition, with the aim of putting the data into a context of developments, a comparison with data pertaining to 2021 was also made.

Amongst the numerous data and insights provided by the analyses given in the Report, some relevant performance factors relating to environmental achievements emerge.

With reference to Marchi & Fildi, and in comparison to 2021, the year 2022 demonstrated:

  • A unit reduction in water consumption of 57 percent and unit reduction of waste water of 19 percent;
  • A unit reduction in electric power consumption of 13 percent; and
  • An overall reduction in CO2 emissions (Scope I + Scope II) of 22 percent.

In the same period, for Filidea the following results are shown:

  • A unit reduction in water consumption of 26 percent, unit waste water of 22 percent;
  • A reduction in unit natural gas consumption of 7 percent;
  • A reduction in unit electric power consumption of 14 percent; and
  • An overall reduction in CO2 emissions (Scope I + Scope II) of 7.

These data offer quantitative feedback on the constant commitment to the optimization of resources and use of production technologies with low energy impact, which the Group has adopted for years.

Massimo Marchi, Presidente Filidea

Massimo Marchi, Marchi & Fildi’s president, has this to say about the choice to invest in this form of reporting: “The decision to write a Sustainability Report represents for us one of the elements which guide us towards the constant improvement of company performance with reference to ESG. This is one of the stages towards the formalisation of a strategic plan for the management of sustainability, a journey which the Group has been committed to for years and in which we believe 100 percent.”

The report is also available on the company website:

Posted: November 27, 2023

Source: The Marchi & Fildi Group