ITMA ASIA + CITME 2020 Exhibitor Preview: Itema Group

COLZATE, Italy — May 28, 2021 — Itema, the global provider of advanced weaving solutions, participates at ITMA Asia 2021 (Hall 3 – D32) in Shanghai showcasing dedicated weaving machines for denim and technical fabrics and, for the first time, in a unique booth for all the Group’s companies.

Visitors to the Group’s booth will have in fact the opportunity to find in one single place all the most innovative solutions for weaving proposed by the companies of the Group: Itema®, Itematech®, Lamiflex® and Schoch®.

Featuring a top-notch organization in China – that counts 145 employees, Itema assembles the latest generation machinery in the world-class manufacturing sites both in Europe, as well as in China, with the same attention to detail and quality, reliability and performance guarantee that Itema Customers look for when they purchase Itema machines. Based in Shanghai, Itema Weaving Machinery China offers to the Chinese market a full package of services, encompassing European manufacturing quality standards, timely and accurate commercial, administration and after-sales, a fully equipped show room, an OEM spare parts warehouse and logistics hub and the ItemaCampus training center.

With the goal to establish and reaffirm once again its technological leadership in the industry, Itema Group brings on stage a wide range of solutions, spanning from advanced weaving machines – a total of ten in Hall 3 – to spare parts and key components for textile industry which will amaze weavers and industry experts.

10 Itema Weaving Machines on show at ITMA Asia 2021

Visitors to ITMA Asia will have multiple chances to appreciate and study the Itema weaving technology, with a total of 10 Itema weaving machines on display, of which 2 in Itema booth (Hall 3 Booth D32) and the rest in Partner booths across Hall 3.

Itema Group booth: on display weaving machines specifically selected for the Chinese market

R9500-2denim in a new weaving width at ITMA Asia 2021

The loom who recently revolutionized denim weaving can’t be missing on show. The Itema denim dedicated rapier machine R9500-2denim comes to ITMA Asia featuring a brand-new exclusive weaving width -2400mm- that reflects the most recent trends and the evolution of the denim market worldwide, more and more characterized by super stretch and comfortable fabrics.

The Itema denim dedicated rapier machine, figures in hand, in real weaving conditions is the most efficient on the market and can be equipped with the one-of-a-kind iSAVER® that represents nowadays the unique real sustainable weaving tool available for weavers capable to withstand the demanding denim production conditions. Moreover, the machines can be also equipped with innovative IOT solutions. The iBOOSTER package featuring iCARE, indeed, implements the most modern principles to provide unparalleled performances and predictive maintenance.

Itematech® Hercules, on show the superhero of technical fabrics

ITMA Asia is the official stage for the Itematech Hercules, on display in wide weaving width 3400mm and fine-tuned to weave heavy filter fabrics. Offering both negative and positive rapier transfer systems, Hercules represents the perfect combination of mechanical sturdiness and textile efficiency ensuring the greater profitability in the market. Another key advantage of Hercules lies in the perfect warp yarns control. In fact, the back-rest roller perfectly couples sturdiness with responsiveness ensuring the perfect warp yarns compensation. Hercules is the ideal weaving machine to easily produce any kind of technical fabric thanks to its superior ease of use and flexibility.

Itema® Weaving Machines on show in partners booths

Itema weaving technology is traditional recognized to be the preferred choice of textile machinery producers due to its superior versatility and textile mastery. Here lies the reason why a number of 8 Itema weaving machines will be exhibited in partners booths, encompassing Jacquard shedding machines manufacturers and label looms providers. Particularly:

  • Itema R9500terry, 2800 mm, Jacquard Bonas Ji which since years leads the high-end terry production is showcased in the Bonas booth (Hall 3 – D01)
  • Itema R9500-2, 1900mm, for Satin Label and two Itema R9000, 1900mm for Taffeta Label and Sport Shoes will be present at Huzhou Hyundai (Julibao) booth (Hall 3 – C11)
  • Itema R9000, 1900mm, to produce Label fabrics will be featured at Shanghai TongXiang booth (Hall 3 – C22)
  • Itema R9000-2, 3400mm and 3800mm for Window Screening and Blind Curtains fabrics are on display in Song&Song booth (Hall 3 – Stand D05)
  • Last but not least, Itema R9000-2, 3400mm, fine-tuned to weave Window Screening will be running at Changfang booth (Hall 3 – D09)

Itema Group: other companies on show

In addition to Itema’s weaving machines line-up, visitors can take advantage of the Group presentation to discover the additional and valuable offering that only Itema guarantees.

OEM Spare Parts and After-Sales Support

The company spare parts and after-sales support advanced solutions can’t be missed on show.

  • fast and reliable service when it comes to offering Customers peace of mind through high-quality replacement parts
  • customized upgrade kits to optimize machine performance and retrofit latest Itema innovations on existing looms
  • electric, electronic and mechanic repairs to give new life to looms
  • training to ensure Itema weavers get the most out of their weaving machines thanks to the ItemaCampus offering available in 7 worldwide locations


The leading supplier of technical composite products which entered Itema Group in 2017 – will be present at ITMA Asia with its ample catalogue of key rapier weft transfer components such as flexible rapier tapes and sprocket wheels, with the guarantee of the best European quality and sector know-how and the advantage of a competitive offering.


Schoch Reeds will present for the very first time in China its product portfolio made up by high-quality reeds and accessories for textile looms with all the unique technological highlights that make since 1800 Schoch a worldwide recognized reliable partner.

Itema Group and its companies will welcome visitors in Hall 3 – Booth D32 with a product line-up designed to confirm and demonstrate its dedication to innovation and the Made in Italy excellence in the weaving sector and with many chance to deepen the Itema Group world and news.

In the company’s advanced design booth, visitors will have the opportunity to live a real experience thanks to the multiple digital tools available. In fact, the Itema Group visitor will enjoy a fully equipped digital booth with touchscreens to discover more about the Group, photo booth corner to get a memory of the event, QR Code to facilitate booth accessibility and technology insight.

In order to overcome the pandemic limitations to travel from outside China, real-time updates will be daily provided to weavers and textile experts through the Itema Group social media channels and website, thus enabling virtual presence at the event. Stay tuned and follow us!

Posted May 28, 2021

Source: Itema S.p.A.