ITMA Asia + CITME 2016 Exhibitor Preview: Itema

COLZATE, Italy/SHANGHAI — September 2016 — Itema, the world’s largest privately held provider of advanced weaving solutions, including best-in-class weaving machines, spare parts and integrated services, has prepared an impressive product line-up for ITMA ASIA+CITME 2016 in Shanghai on October 21-25, 2016. Itema will leverage the biggest textile engineering expo in Asia to showcase exciting, brand-new evolutions in both rapier and airjet product portfolios and officially present to the dynamic Asian markets the highly acclaimed ITMA novelties. Importantly, Itema will also demonstrate the technological and geographical proximity in the stronger-than-ever commitment to go above and beyond when it comes to Customer satisfaction.

Visitors to ITMA ASIA will have a total of 15 Itema weaving machines on display, of which 6 in Itema booth (Hall 3 Booth E01) and the rest in Partner booths across Hall 3.

In Shanghai, Itema will unveil the R9500denim – the brand-new product concept dedicated exclusively and especially to denim mills in search of customized solutions to enable them to respond faster, more effectively and efficiently to changing denim trends with versatile, high-performance, ad-hoc machinery. The R9500terry, already a big favourite of sophisticated premium terry weavers worldwide after its debut in Milan in 2015, will be officially presented for the first time in Asia. In airjet, a much-expected, all-new Jacquard application for the already successful Itema A9500p, weaving African Damask on show will, no doubt, be highly appreciated by devoted Itema airjet Customers worldwide.

In an unprecedented move, Itema releases a manifesto to match even better than before the exact weaving requirements of Customers with latest and most advanced technology, designed with Customer needs in mind and delivered in faster-than-ever delivery times.  This commitment is supported by the Company’s move to assemble the latest generation machinery in the world-class manufacturing sites both in Europe, as well as in China, with the same attention to detail and quality, reliability and performance guarantee that Itema Customers look for when they purchase Itema machines.

“We want to completely redefine how the loom manufacturing industry currently responds to the needs of the diverse and constantly evolving fabric mills with tailor-made, latest-generation equipment assembled closer to where the Customers are located,” declared Itema CEO, Carlo Rogora.  “We want Itema Customers to be sure that no matter where they are in the world, no matter what fabric they weave, when choosing an Itema loom, they get the guarantee of the absolute best in the market, better and faster than they would expect.  Once again, we are challenging ourselves and the status quo with special looms, produced exactly how and where Customers want. Less rigidity, faster delivery, better machinery. Everything to increase the value for the Customer.”

Itema’s ITMA ASIA booth offers the best highlights of the Company’s latest technological advancements, spare parts and after-sales service.

The Italian-headquartered Itema Group closed the first quarter 2016 with increased revenues and well-filled order book, consolidating a four-year growth trend since the change in the Company management in 2012.

Itema Group is present in China since 2003 with extensive sales and after-sales teams, world-class production and assembly facilities with a mission to ensure the highest possible standard of weaving solutions and a complete product and service offering available for all Itema Customers. In fact, the Italian technology major has invested in the optimization, process improvement and overhaul of all the manufacturing sites across the world (N.B. the Company produces in Italy, Switzerland and China) with a clear strategy in mind to offer the very latest, most advanced, and highest  guarantee weaving technology close to where Itema Customers are.



  • Rapier R9500denim – 230cm – Fancy Knit-Effect Denim
  • Rapier R9500terry – 260cm – Terry
  • Rapier R9500p – 190cm – Shirting
  • Rapier R9500p – 220cm – Heavy Denim 14 oz.
  • Airjet A9500p – 190cm – African Damask
  • Airjet A9500 – 230 cm – Grey Cotton


BONAS (Hall 3, Booth C01):

  • Rapier R9000 – 340 cm – Home Textile
  • Rapier R9000 – 190 cm – Label


(Hall 3, Booth A40):

  • Rapier R9500 – 190 cm – Label

SENHUI (Hall 3, Booth B06):

  • Rapier R9000 – 340 cm – Home Textile

XIANDAI JULIBAO (Hall 3, Booth A11):

  • Rapier R9500 – 190 cm – Label
  • Rapier R9000 – 190 cm – Sports Shoe Fabric

TONGXIANG (Hall 3, Booth E14):

  • Rapier R9500 – 190 cm – Label

CHANGFANG (Hall 3, Booth D17):

  • Rapier R9000 – 340 cm – Home Textile

XIAMEN LAIBAO (aka Century Way) (Hall 3, Booth A42):

  • Rapier R9500 – 190 cm – Label

Posted October 4, 2016

Source: Itema