Zinser To Equip New Compact Spinning Plant In Manchester

EBERSBACH, Germany — March 16, 2016 —The history of industrial cotton spinning began in the 18th century in England. In 1781, the first steam-driven cotton spinning mill was opened in Manchester. There, at the pulsating heart of industrialization, no less than 108 cotton spinning mills were existing in 1853. Back then, 80 percent of the world’s production came from Manchester, which bore the nickname “Cottonopolis.” The sector began to decline in the 20th century and the last British cotton spinning mill closed its doors for good in Greater Manchester in the 1980s. However, 30 years later cotton is coming back home.

Culimeta-Saveguard is opening one of the most modern cotton spinning plants in the world for the English Fine Cottons brand in the historic buildings of the former Tower Mill in Dukinfield in Tameside, Greater Manchester.

Culimeta-Saveguard is investing almost £6 million in the new Tower Mill in order to be able to produce premium yarns for exclusive UK companies. The valuable raw material is being imported from Barbados, India, Egypt and the United States.

The state-of-the-art machinery for the planned spinning mill comes from Saurer Zinser in Germany. Culimeta-Saveguard has ordered Zinser 351 2Impact FX compact spinning machines from the traditional German manufacturer. Ultra-fine combed cotton compact yarn in counts from Ne 60 upwards will be spun on the machines. The roving is delivered by the roving frame Zinser 670. The Saurer Schlafhorst Autoconer 6 is being used as the winding machine.

Culimeta-Saveguard decided on Zinser in order to be sure of meeting the high quality requirements of its exclusive customers. The modern Zinser ring spinning machines were therefore the first choice for the production of ultra-fine, combed and compacted cotton yarn. The Zinser 351 2Impact FX is fitted with an Impact FX self-cleaning compact unit. This compact spinning technology combines ultimate process reliability with superior quality and high cost effectiveness.

There is great excitement at Saurer Zinser about the order. Textile companies across the world have realised the benefits of Zinser technology for decades. But this order also has an emotional side to it. “We are proud that ring spinning machines from Zinser are being installed in the first new cotton spinning plant to be erected in England,” says Burcu Sevinis, Product Manager at Saurer Zinser. “The cotton spinning mill is coming home and Zinser will be there.”

Posted March 22, 2016

Source: The Saurer Group