IRO Debuts IRO-TEC For Projectile Rapier Looms

IRO Debuts IRO-TECFor Projectile, Rapier LoomsSweden-based IRO AB recently introduced the IRO-TEC
controlled-insertion tensioner for projectile and rapier weaving looms. The TEC can be incorporated
into the companys X2 feeder or mounted directly onto the weaving machine. It also can be used in
combination with standard balloon control brushes or IROs Flex-Brake tensioners.Two versions of the
tensioner, both with reaction times of 2.5 milliseconds, provide braking forces of up to 100 or 200
centinewtons, enabling installations to achieve up to 1,200 insertions per minute.The TEC can
handle filament yarn ranging from 40 decitex (dtex) to 2,500 dtex, and spun yarn ranging from 120
Nm to 4 Nm. Automated braking force, timing and duration ensure a high level of yarn tension
control, while a programmable, pneumatic cleaning facility ensures reliable drift, according to the
November 2003