Schilgen Selects Sulzer Looms

Schilgen Selects Sulzer LoomsSultex Ltd., Switzerland, has delivered 37 new Sulzer Textil P7150 and
P7300 projectile looms to a new facility built recently by Germany-based J. Schilgen GmbHandCo.
Earlier this year, Schilgens weaving room for spun yarns was devastated by a fire, which destroyed
70 of its 110 weaving machines mostly Sulzer as well as special finishing machines. Following the
fire, Schilgen decided to relocate and rebuild its industrial and wide-width fabrics operation.
After investigating various weft-insertion solutions, Schilgen again decided to buy projectile
looms and selected Sultex as its supplier. Schilgen reduced the number of weaving machines in the
plant by expanding its capacity with 4- and 5-meter-width-fabric looms.
September 2003