Rieter Spoerry Develop Fine Elastic COM4 Core Yarns

Rieter, Spoerry DevelopFine Elastic COM4® Core YarnsRieter Machine Works Ltd., Switzerland, and
Switzerland-based SpoerryandCo. AG have developed very fine elastic compact-core yarns based on
COM4® yarns spun using Rieters ComforSpin® system. Rieter says the ComforSpin systems modular
construction enables flexible adaptation of the compacting elements to specific requirements, while
consistent quality is guaranteed over the entire machine.The fine yarns produced, noted for their
low hairiness, are suitable for circular-knit high-quality underwear, and seamless hosiery and
bodystockings, as well as for warp and weft yarns for stretch woven shirts and womens outerwear.
They are marketed by Spoerry under the Sensual brand name and are distributed globally by
Switzerland-based Nef+Co.
August 2003