Dornier AirGuide Offers Contact-Free Guidance

AirGuide Offers Contact-Free GuidanceLindauer Dornier GmbH, Germany, has developed the AirGuide, a
contact-free solution to guide mechanical elements. The device can be retrofitted on Dorniers
P-type rigid rapier weaving machines. The AirGuide directs air to the rapier rod through a guide
plate that replaces conventional ball bearing guide rollers. A temperature monitor allows for
automatic shutdown of mechanical filling insertion systems in case of heat build-up. The air guide
cools the rod, reducing friction and increasing lubrication intervals, according to the company.
Other benefits include reduced maintenance costs, increased service life, improved efficiency, a
self-cleaning effect that enables weaving of clean fabrics and fail-safe features.Older rapier
machines also can be retrofitted with the AirGuide.
July 2003