President Appoints Textile Officials To Trade Panel

Textile, apparel and retail executives have been named to President Bush’s Advisory Committee for
Trade Policy and Negotiations, a group comprised of a wide variety of industries that provides a
forum for discussion of international trade issues. Named to the panel were Allen Gant Jr.,
president and CEO of Glen Raven Inc. and chairman of the National Council of Textile Organizations
(NCTO); Larry A. Lebenow, president and CEO of Quaker Fabric Corp.; Edward Emma, president and COO
of Jockey Intrernational; and Tracy Mullin, president and CEO of the National Retail Federation.
Most of those named from the textile and apparel sectors are supportive of President Bush’s free
trade policies, which call for tariff reductions and more regional free trade agreements. The NCTO,
however, is strongly opposed to the Central American Free Trade Agreement, currently awaiting
congressional consideration, any trade pacts that will cost US textile jobs and any tariff cuts
until other nations reduce theirs to US levels.

March 2005