Troubled ITMA Asia Exhibitors

After two consecutive ITMA Asias in Singapore in the years 2001 and 2005, China will host the
important textile machinery event for the first time, from July 27 to 31, 2008, at the Shanghai New
International Exhibition Centre (SNIEC).

As reported weeks ago, booth space is sold out, even with two more halls now being built
alongside the existing halls to provide total floor space of more than 120,000 square meters.
However, as the organizers report, there is still a waiting list for the exhibition. And it seems
they are still waiting for more registrations to come.

As mentioned in the official ITMA Asia press release of Oct. 29, 2007: “The whole world of
textile machinery will be in the spotlight in Shanghai next year for the ultimate textile machinery
show – ITMA ASIA + CITME 2008. For five days, from July 27 to 31, the city will host the perfect
blend in customer-supplier interaction, as the unique ITMA exhibition brand meets the largest and
most important textile sector.”

Difficult Communication

However, some clouds are showing up in the sky of the next ITMA Asia. Many exhibitors are
complaining about difficult communication with Shanghai. As some exhibitors mentioned to the Rupp
Report, the interaction with the organizers is more than difficult, not only because of language
problems; the whole timetable is already delayed.

Even more difficult is the fact that, for Nov. 1, 2007, allocations for booths were promised,
but not yet confirmed. This is – according to some exhibitors – more than late, because there are
only a few months left before to the show will open. It is vital for the logistics of the
exhibitors to know the exact situation of the booth layout. Many important questions aren’t
answered yet: How many square meters do we get after the rising demand for booth space? Where are
we located? How many walls do we have? Are there any pillars to cover?

Waiting For Clear Signals

Having in Singapore two perfect ITMA Asias in mind, exhibitors are asking many questions
about the realization of the ITMA Asia 2008. On top of that, most of the exhibitors are under the
pressure of showing at too many exhibitions, plus another important event later that year in India.
The exhibitors are very positive in their views of ITMA Asia. However, they expect in the next days
a clear signal from the organizers that the next show will be as efficient as the last ITMA Asia
and that final decisions will be made about their requested booth space. This and further steps in
the communication between organizers and exhibitors will help to make ITMA Asia 2008 as successful
as ITMA Asia 2005.

November 19, 2007