revalyu Announces Investment In U.S. PET Recycling Plant

revalyu Resources, a Germany-based chemical polyethylene terephthalate (PET) recycling company, has announced plans to open its first U.S. based PET recycling plant in Statesboro, Ga. The $50 million investment covers the initial phase of the development, which when complete, will result in capacity to process more than 225,000 pounds per day of post-consumer plastic bottles into sustainable esters and rPET chips.

The facility will employ 70 associates initially. Eventually, the facility will have capacity to process up to 450,000 pounds per day.

revalyu reports its proprietary chemical recycling process has processed more than 6 billion bottles into recycled PET of the highest purity. According to the company, its process uses 91-percent less energy and 67-percent less water than conventional polyester recycling processes. revalyu’s rPET chips may be used in any sustainable PET product, but are mostly used in the textile industry.

“We thank all our U.S. customers, partners, and the Statesboro community for their support, trust, and confidence in us,” said Jan van Kisfeld, managing director of revalyu. ”Expanding our operations to the U.S. is an important milestone for our global expansion strategy. It brings us closer to our target of recycling more than two million pounds of used PET bottles per day by 2026 and contributes to solving the plastic waste problem.”

January/February 2023