Walmart Joins Unifi’s REPREVE® Billion Bottle Circle

Unifi Inc., Greensboro, N.C., reports Walmart has purchased the equivalent of 1 billion post-consumer plastic bottles worth of REPREVE® recycled performance fibers. The calculations are based on a standard 16.9-ounce-bottle and how it translates to bottles per pound of recycled polyester (rPET); and tracked pounds of Repreve yarn, fiber and resin sold to Walmart suppliers for store programs. This achievement puts Walmart in the Billion Bottle Circle of Repreve’s Champions of Sustainability program.

“We’ve been using REPREVE’s recycled fibers for 10 years now, and this achievement is the result of not only our commitment to a more sustainable supply chain, but that of our customers, who have purchased products in our stores made with REPREVE,” said Deanah Baker, senior vice president, Merchant, Men’s, Kids, Footwear, Walmart U.S. “This is part of
Walmart’s larger goal to move toward a circular economy, where materials stay in use in a productive way that is better for the environment.”

“Due to Walmart’s scale and reach, commitment to sustainability, and ability to set goals and reach them, we are seeing a shining example of how large retailers can drive change and improve material usage for our earth,” said Unifi CEO Eddie Ingle.

January/February 2022