Cone Forms Partnership With Oritain For Supply Chain Traceability

GREENSBORO, N.C., Cone Denim, an Elevate Textiles brand, will become the first denim mill to offer the highest-level of end-to-end traceability through a new partnership with Oritain, a product and supply chain traceability specialist. The tracing method employed by Oritain uses forensic science and statistics to evaluate naturally occurring elements in the cotton fiber. These inherent elements are specific to environmental factors, such as soil composition in a specific location, and result in a “fingerprint” that Oritain creates. These Oritain Fingerprints cannot be destroyed, replicated or tampered with, and the fingerprint may be tested at any point in the supply chain to verify claims of origin.

“Traceability and sustainability are no longer just industry buzzwords but strong-held values fast becoming the gold standard for our customers and the consumer,” said Steve Maggard, president, Cone Denim. “Our partnership with Oritain enables Cone Denim to
be the first denim mill globally with the ability to provide documentable transparency that are admissible in a court of law, underpinning sustainable and ethical sourcing claims. Through scientific verification of cotton origin, customers can be assured that Cone Denim products do not contain any cotton from prohibited regions, offering an elevated level of confidence and scientific peace of mind to our customers and our wider stakeholders.”

September/October 2020