MSYG Opens High-Tech Dyeing Plant

Valdese, N.C.-based Meridian Specialty Yarn Group Inc. (MSYG) reports it has opened a new high-tech yarn-dyeing plant next to its existing operation in Valdese. A significant investment was made to add a 116,000-square-foot facility, which offers chemical treatments and dyeing, as well as tow-dyeing capacity.

According to MSYG, this investment represents the first yarn- and fiber-dyeing operation to be built in the United States in more than two decades. In addition, the tow-dyeing capacity is the only such capacity in the United States. Previously, all producer-dyed acrylic tow had to be imported from outside of the United States.

Even though the new facility features robotics and latest-generation technologies, the company added 25 new personnel, and is the process of retraining existing employees to work with the new technologies.

MSYG also is in theprocess of renovating its original Valdese plant.

“Our new technology gives us the capability to process every dyeable fiber in various forms including yarn, tow and top,” said Tim Manson, MSYG president. “This is very unusual in the dyed yarn world. We can chemically treat or dye all fiber substrates, ranging from cellulosic and animal fibers, to polyester, nylon and dyeable aramids. Most dyehouses specialize in certain products, but we are now in a position to source from all over the world, from every type of textile fiber, supporting a wide array of end uses.

“It’s very exciting and an achievement that has set the stage for a new future for our company, our customers and the North American textile industry,” Manson said.

September/October 2019