NCTO Applauds President Obama For Signing Trade Promotion Authority Into Law

WASHINGTON — June 20, 2015 — The National Council of Textile Organizations (NCTO) applauds President Obama for signing Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) into law earlier today. TPA establishes congressional negotiating objectives and institutes parameters associated with the final congressional review of international trade agreements. Additionally, TPA formalizes consultation mechanisms between Congress and the Executive Branch on trade agreements as they are being negotiated.

 “TPA is a vital part of overall U.S. trade policy which seeks to ensure strong and rational international trade agreements that fully incorporate the interests of American textile workers and the middle class,” stated NCTO President Augustine Tantillo. “We applaud both President Obama and those members of Congress who supported the passage of Trade Promotion Authority. This legislation will help to ensure that free trade agreements help to boost American exports, create jobs, and strengthen the U.S. economy.”

NCTO looks forward to continued collaboration with both the Executive Branch and Congress to develop trade agreements that fully represent the interests of U.S. textile manufacturers, which employ 499,500 workers nationwide.

Posted June 30, 2015

Source: NCTO