DOMOTEX Turkey Provided An International Gathering At The Center Of Carpet

HANNOVER, Germany/CHICAGO — June 17, 2015 — Organized in Gaziantep, the center of machine-made carpet manufacturing, DOMOTEX Turkey brought industry leaders together from May 25 to 28, 2015, once again with the support of Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce (GTO), Southeastern Anatolia Carpet Exporters’ Union (GAIB) and Gaziantep Chamber of Carpet Producers (GHO). The exhibition which featured 198 companies and occupied 22025 square meters this year, stood out with increasing international participation as well. Thirty-three of the 198 exhibitors came from different countries including Bangladesh, Belgium, China, France, Germany, India, Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka and Uzbekistan to expand their business to new markets.

Alexander Kühnel, General Manager of Hannover Fairs Turkey, said, “Organized with the participation of leading companies in the industry, DOMOTEX Turkey showed the power of Turkey in machine-made carpet manufacturing once again. On the other hand, it also proved its success to become an international platform for the Eurasian region with increasing number of international exhibitors and visitors this year. Totally 8734 people from targeted countries, mainly from Middle East, visited the exhibition where exhibitors showcased their unique designs and new collections produced with state-of-the-art technology.”

Thousands of designs at one platform during the show, the prominent companies of carpet and flooring industry displayed their wide product range under the DOMOTEX brand. Among them, one of the eye-catching products for visitors was a self-cleaning carpets developed by using the nano-technology. The visitors watched the live demonstration of impermeability of nano-technological carpets, where the technology for the production of luxury cars is adopted to the carpet manufacturing.

Dr. Meriç Bebitoğlu, General Manager of Atlas Halı, explained the nano-technology: “This year, we exhibited the new and more stain resistant version of our nano carpet innovation which we launched in 2013. We are delighted for making a global invention. As it is known very well in the market, the nano carpet cleans itself continuously with the energy from light and indoor lighting. We are very pleased for bringing this upgraded version of our invention with the consumers at the exhibition this year.”

Also, diversified designs that are developed based on consumer trends attracted attention during the fair. The visitors found the opportunity to see thousands of modern or traditional carpet designs made of different materials such as wool, silk, cashmere, bamboo fibers, and polyester.

On the other hand, various machinery technologies were also exhibited for the carpet manufacturing. The products demonstrated technological superiority of the industry renewed with robotic equipments.

Patrick Rieth, Area Sales Manager of SUPERBA which is one of the global leaders in yarn continuous heat setting, expressed their opinion about the exhibition: “DOMOTEX Turkey is a very good exhibition for us and Gaziantep as the place for DOMOTEX is ideal because most of the companies are here. For us, so far the exhibition is very interesting. We had very good contacts. There are some projects emerging in 2016. So over all it is very interesting for us.”

DOMOTEX Turkey provided a more comprehensive platform in terms of product variety, as well. Besides machine-made carpets, the other product groups in the flooring industry such as rugs and hand-made carpets, mats and resilient floorings and laminate were showcased in the show.

The exhibition has put in a strong performance, consolidating its position as the  leading trade fair in Turkey and Middle East for the carpet industry which offers an important opportunity for companies to improve their business volume. As a result of fruitful four days, the majority of exhibitors expressed their willingness to exhibit at the show next year, again.

Posted June 23, 2015

Source: Domotex