APDN Launches On-Site™ Authentication Program, Collaborates With Crypton™

Stony Brook, N.Y.-based Applied DNA Sciences (APDN) has launched On-Site™, a DNA authentication program to provide faster reporting at every step along the cotton supply chain. A desktop-sized polymerase chain reaction machine with consumables is provided through the program, as well as supporting software, on-site training, guidance on chain-of-custody protocols and online customer service support.

In other company news, APDN has partnered with The Crypton™ companies, Bloomfield Hills, Mich., to provide its SigNature T DNA marking technology to Crypton’s stain-, water- and bacteria-resistant performance textiles. The agreement allows Crypton to mark products with SigNature DNA and submit samples for authentication based on an annual volume-based commitment.

The two companies worked for a year to develop the SigNature T DNA program for a wide range of treatments and fabric types. The initiative proved that the technology is durable, and also did not interfere with the quality or performance of the Crypton fabrics.

“Innovation is in our DNA,” said Randy Rubin, CEO and founder, Crypton. “It’s in every part of our business and it’s why we believe the SigNature T DNA program is going to help us keep our promise to customers — that our products are truly the industry standard when it comes to assuring quality, performance and now traceability within trusted supply chains.”

March/April 2015