Oeko-Tex® Company Of The Month February 2015: Hebei Ruichun Textile Co. Ltd.

ZURICH, Switzerland — Feburary 12, 2015 — Hebei Ruichun Textile Co. Ltd. is a progressive private company which was founded in 1993. The company, which is located in the Chinese province of Hebei, has 330 employees and manufactures a wide variety of towelling products for the domestic and export market. It is both a member of the “China Guangdong Home Textile Association (CHTA)” and also one of the leading companies in the Gaoyang region. The company premises are around 27,000m2 and are equipped with the latest machinery. This includes over 100 projectile looms and 28 Jacquard Greifer looms.

The product range focusses on finished products for the end consumer in the area of home textiles. Hebei Ruichun is characterised by the range and quality of their towelling products for bathrooms and kitchens together with the wide range of bath, hand, beach, and washing towels.

The best possible product quality – that is the consistent motto for Ruichun. Almost all articles manufactured by the company are checked for harmful substances as per the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and are thus not harmful to health. The towel brands “Ruichun” thus also guarantee high quality and are also very popular with both customers both at home and abroad in countries such as Japan, India, South America and also Europe. The total production capacity is around 2800 tonnes per year. CEO Zhang Ruichun is convinced that both the trading partners as well as the consumers also value welfare and safety, particularly in the sensitive area of home textiles: “The Oeko-Tex certificates offer our customers an additional guarantee of quality. This recognition of the safety of the products now plays such an important role that it has become indispensable in both the national and international market.”

Comprehensive quality management is also certified in accordance with the criteria of DIN EN ISO 9001 and includes quality monitoring at all production levels. The fact that Hebei also feels obliged to implement environmentally friendly production technologies, fair working conditions, and appropriate safety in the workplace has also been documented since 2014 with the successful SteP by Oeko-Tex certification, an independent award for sustainable production operations in the textile chain.

As a customer-focussed company, Ruichun places great value on production and product innovations, as well as on quality. “We are facing stiff competition. Thanks to our efficient R&D Team, we have so far been able to continually improve both the efficiency of our operating processes as well as our competitiveness across all production

Posted February 17, 2015

Source: Oeko-Tex