Valdese Weavers Announces The Acquisition Of Dicey Mills

VALDESE, N.C. — January 6, 2015 — Michael Shelton, president and CEO of Valdese Weavers LLC, announced that the company has purchased Dicey Mills Inc. Valdese Weavers will begin the integration of Dicey immediately, with the expected completion of an orderly and deliberate transition of the Dicey business into the company’s facilities in Valdese by the end of December 2015. Valdese Weavers did not purchase the Dicey factory in Shelby. “Along with the asset purchase, we have negotiated a transition services agreement for the right to operate in the Shelby facility as needed until the end of the year. This will help to ensure a seamless integration and high level of service to all Dicey customers during the transition. Further, Valdese Weavers intends to offer employment to as many as possible of the highly skilled artisans who currently work for Dicey Mills,” according to Shelton.
“The addition of the Dicey fabric line complements the existing Valdese Weavers’ brands unique style very well. It will extend the breadth of our product diversity and market reach by utilizing different yarn systems and weave techniques that achieve the specific Dicey look. And while Dicey’s fabrics are somewhat different in nature to our current mix of products, technically they are remarkably compatible and therefore will integrate nicely into our vertical manufacturing operations in Valdese,” Shelton said.
Dicey Mills was founded in 1956 by Paul M. Neisler Sr., and has been owned and operated by the Neisler family since its inception. The current management of the company and primary shareholders have been brothers David C. Neisler, W. Hayne Neisler and H. Parks Neisler. Parks Neisler has headed up sales and marketing functions at Dicey for many years, and will join Valdese Weavers to help lead the creation of the new Dicey Fabrics brand of Valdese Weavers, and the sales effort. “I have known the Neisler family for a long time, and have had the utmost respect for Dicey Mills,” said Shelton. “For several years, I worked alongside Henry Neisler on industry trade and regulatory issues in conjunction with the American Textile Manufacturers Institute and the National Textile Association, through which I gained tremendous regard for him and the well- respected company he and his brother Charles had developed.” Henry was the father of David, Hayne and Parks Neisler. Shelton further stated, “I am extremely happy that Parks Neisler will be joining Valdese Weavers and become an integral part of our team as we move forward into a new era for Dicey.”
“Our intention is to apply all the necessary resources to the Dicey Fabrics brand to fully realize the potential that we believe exists for the fabrics that Dicey is well known for, and couple that with the reputation for industry leading quality and service that Valdese Weavers represents. Our hope is that we will properly honor the legacy of Dicey Mills, and the Neisler family, through our future development of their rich heritage,” Shelton stated.
On behalf of the Neisler family, Parks Neisler said, “Dicey is excited about becoming part of an outstanding company like Valdese Weavers. Like us, they are a family business with deep roots in the textile industry and we look forward to growing the Dicey Fabrics brand with them in the years ahead.”

Posted January 6, 2015

Source: Valdese Weavers