Brawer Bros. Expands In North Carolina

Brawer Bros. Inc., Hawthorne, N.J., is establishing a new warping, warehousing and distribution facility in Whiteville, N.C., where it is converting an existing building and installing eight or nine conventional warpers to prepare warps for knitters and weavers. Operations at the facility are already underway, with completion of the conversion and installation expected by the end of 2014.

In addition to the Whiteville facility, which is operating under the name Brawer Bros. Inc., the company has two independent affiliated businesses in North Carolina — Warp Technologies Inc. in Holly Springs and New Generation Yarn Corp. in Gibsonville — as well as two affiliates in Pennsylvania — Warp Processing Co. Inc. in Exeter and Middleburg Yarn Processing Co. Inc. in Selinsgrove. Altogether, Brawer Bros. and its affiliates employ some 400 workers. Customers include domestic and overseas knitters and weavers serving both conventional and technical textile sectors.

According to Brawer Bros. CEO Shartel “Skip” Smith, the new facility offers opportunities for further expansion as called for. “This expansion will give Brawer added flexibility and capacity to service and react to its southern-based customers’ needs more quickly and efficiently,” he said.

September/October 2014