Thermore Introduces EVOdown™ Down Alternative

Milan-based thermal insulation manufacturer Thermore S.p.A. has launched EVOdown™ down alternative for apparel applications.
The company reports the product has a soft hand and high-loft down-like appearance, similar to blown-in down or fiber ball production techniques — which have increasingly been used as down alternatives in response to the rising cost of duck and goose down, animal welfare issues and lack of quality control; but often result in problems such as stability limitations, fiber clumping issues, heavy fiber migration and the development of cold spots.
EVOdown is a rolled free-fiber composite featuring two external higher density layers encapsulating free fibers in the middle layer, which results in significantly reduced clumping and fiber migration and ensures consistent, high thermal performance throughout the garment, Thermore reports. In addition to offering the same softness and volume as natural down, the product is hypoallergenic, can be machine-washed and dried and maintains its structure over time.
Filling weights offered include 80, 115 and 170 grams (g). For optimal finish and performance results, Thermore recommends that EVOdown be quilted with test-approved, down-proof, ultralight fabrics weighing less than 30 g in a pattern of 5 centimeters (cm) or smaller for the 80-g and 115-g weights; and 10 cm or smaller for the 170-g weight.
May 13, 2014