Colombiatex Of The Americas 2014 Invites You To Act

MEDELLIN, Colombia — December 13, 2013 — From January 21 to 23, 2014, the twenty-sixth edition of Colombiatex of the Americas will be held in Plaza Mayor Medellín.  It is expected to generate business opportunities for more than USD 150 million, thanks to the consolidation of the Fair as the starting point of the businesses for the year and the support of the Office of the Mayor of Medellín, Proexport and important allies, who — each year — are committed to this comercial space.

This time, we will have 9,600 m2of comercial exhibitions, where nearly 1,750 international buyers from 28 countries, 8,400 national buyers and more than 500 exhibitors from countries, such as Colombia, India, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Pakistan, Ecuador, Peru, Singapore, Italy, the United States, Turkey, and Portugal, among others, will gather.

“This year in Inexmoda, we are inviting entrepreneurs to go Beyond Limits, as we are aware that it is time to act, to seek alternatives to reach consumers in surprising ways.  We must understand that the shopping experience goes beyond choosing and paying; now there are more benefits and added values involved to maximize their initiatives.  It is giving users a voice, listening to them and allowing them to participate in the construction of the brand to meet the objectives proposed,” stated Carlos Eduardo Botero Hoyos, Executive President of Inexmoda, in referring to the call Inexmoda is making to the industry in 2014.

This Fair, organized by Inexmoda, is the leading textile, supply, machinery and chemical sample for clothing and home in Latin America, characterized by opening the business agenda on the continent and being the place where supply and demand meet in all the segments of the business and for all the universe of cloth.

One of the guests at Colombiatex de las Américas 2014 will be the Pacific Alliance (Alianza del Pacífico).  “Together with Mexico, Peru and Chile, Colombia is working on an agreement that positions these countries as a block in the global market, leveraging the competitive advantages that each one of the members offers and approaching the markets with which free-trade agreements exist.  These allies aim to have a greater connection to negotiate among themselves and unite to develop projects to other countries,” added Carlos Eduardo Botero Hoyos, Executive President of Inexmoda.

Likewise, to encourage the business in the Fair, the National Business Encounter will be held, in which nearly 15 domestic buyers, invited by the Medellín City Cluster — a project led by the Office of the Mayor of Medellín in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce of Medellín for Antioquia — will have the opportunity to boost domestic consumption through previously scheduled appointments with Fair exhibitors.  This is a dynamic stage to boost businesses of the sector companies to a national scale.

The Fair will once again honor the relevant role of Jeans for the industry, making it the undisputed protagonist with Denim Review, the space that brings together the national and international companies that are innovation leaders in this category.  In its fourth edition, it will be located in the Plaza Cultural and present unique experiences around the world of Denim.  One of the most outstanding speakers is “Denim Lovers,” an association of companies that share their love for indigo, presenting elements under one roof that print a particular language on a garment.

For the second year in a row, Inexmoda is inviting participants to celebrate Denim Day on January 22, by wearing their best denim clothes.  At night, a blue atmosphere will cloak the closing of Colombiatex with Blue Night, where, together with Don Juan, Fábrica de Licores de Antioquia, Diegeo and Campari, attendees will enjoy an atmosphere of fashion and creativity.

The academic quota will be provided by the Inexmoda — UPB Knowledge Pavilion, a no — cost space where more than 15,000 attending participants and those who wish to do so online, via streaming, are updated on topics from the textile industry, experiences in diverse markets and technological innovation.  The ingredient of trends will be in the Textile and Raw Material Forum, the arrival point at the Fair, located in the Green Pavilion Entrance Hall.  This is a space to get close to the color harmonies of the Spring-Summer 2014 season and see the fashion concepts.

The important novelty this year is Fash.Mob — Industry for Creativity, which will be found in the Plazoleta of the Fair.  It is a social, outdoor space that associates the industry and creativity.  In this urban plaza, fashion in an unstructured form will show the many uses of textiles and how they transcend to the final product, through stagings held throughout the day.Under the concept Beyond Limits, Inexmoda is inviting Fashion System entrepreneurs who participate in Colombiatex of the Americas 2014 to share their knowledge, to join forces, to be amazed and to act.  The date is January 21, 22 and 23, 2014, in Plaza Mayor Medellín.

Posted January 6, 2014

Source: Colombiatex de las Americas 2014