TenCate Provides Colombian Army With TenCate Defender™ M For Aircrew

UNION CITY, Ga. — November 18, 2013 — TenCate Protective Fabrics has been chosen by the Colombian
Army Aviation Air Assault Division to deliver TenCate Defender™ M as the fabric of choice that will
be used to manufacture new, two-piece flight suits for its personnel. This adoption represents the
first major opportunity for TenCate Protective Fabrics to supply fabric to the Colombian Military
and to establish TenCate Defender M as a viable flame resistant (FR) fabric for military solutions
in South America.

The TenCate Defender M product portfolio has established a reputation for protection and
durability in recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan by supplying all deployed American troops
with FR combat uniforms. Many European and other armies around the world have performed wear tests
and have subsequently ordered TenCate Defender M products to protect their military.

Fabric innovation in action

Engineered as a versatile and comprehensive FR fabric, TenCate Defender M offers a variety of
styles and features that satisfy a wide range of applications. The best option for use in the
Colombian Army Aviation Air Assault Division flight suits emerged as TenCate Defender M 6.5 ounce
(per yard²) in a rip stop weave with anti-static properties in the Colombian Jungle Camouflage
print. The Air Assault Division found this version of TenCate Defender M best suited to its FR and
tactical needs.

Supply chain management

TenCate Protective Fabrics USA partnered with Complementos Industriales Ltda. in Cartegena,
Colombia, to arrange the shipment of approximately 50,000 yards of fabric for use in the
manufacture of the flight suits. TenCate Defense and Tactical Market Manager, John Blackmon, says:
“Complementos Industriales have been a huge resource in this effort. The manufacture of the flight
suits will be overseen by the Brigada de Apoyo Logístico and the actual production will be
conducted by the Batallón de Intendencia, also known as Las Juanas, which handles textile
operations for the Colombian Military”.

Continued expansion

TenCate Protective Fabrics looks forward to continued success in protecting militaries around
the world. Military Market Manager, Franklin Massey, who spear-headed the effort with John
Blackmon, says: “We are happy to offer TenCate Defender M to the Colombian military and we hope
that we can supply them with the full range of FR protection”.

Posted November 19, 2013

Source: TenCate Protective Fabrics