Pointcarre Teams Up With Yunique Solutions

NEW YORK CITY — November 6, 2013 — Pointcarre has announced a partnership with Yunique Solutions, a
Gerber Technology company, integrating Pointcarre’s CAD and YuniquePLM.

“The textile industry has never before seen a partnership with this much integration between
a Textile CAD software and a PLM solution”, states Steve Greenberg, President of Pointcarre USA.

At Yunique Solutions’ recent ideation2013 Software Conference hosted in Hilton Head Island,
SC, Pointcarre demonstrated the ability to drag-and-drop images and color files from within
Pointcarre’s Design Software to the YuniquePLM database. Because the edits are stored in the cloud,
any images that are updated or edited within Pointcarre are automatically reflected in YuniquePLM
with no additional steps for the designer. The general consensus amongst the audience was,
“Amazing, it’s so simple, it just works”.

Darioush Nikpour, vice president of Product Management at Yunique Solutions said, “retailers
and leading global brands are looking for key differentiators that will allow them to leapfrog
their competitors while they drive top strategic initiatives. This requires them to seek out
talented technology vendors who can deliver paradigm changing design processes and have a proven
track record with world-class innovative clientelle.”

Nikpour continued, “Pointcarre and Yunique Solutions represent those talented technology
partners, now in partnership. Pointcarre and Yunique have set a new standard in Textile CAD and
Global Fashion Retail PLM integration. Pointcarre and Yunique Solutions are committed to and
singularly focused on solutions supporting the top global brands for footwear, apparel, textile,
home, and apparel accessories.”

The partnership between the two platforms will provide tremendous, new-found value to current
Pointcarre clients who are already working within YuniquePLM, and for those who are in the process
of considering a new PLM system. We now offer a package; seamlessly integrating the two products,
that provides users the benefits of both Pointcarre and YuniquePLM, along with great value,
simplicity of use, maximized efficiency within an organization, and saved time.

Posted November 12 2013

Source: Pointcarré