DuPont Introduces DuPont™ Kevlar® AS450X And XP™S104

Richmond, Va.-based DuPont Protection Technologies, a business unit of Wilmington, Del.-based
DuPont, has introduced two DuPont™ Kevlar® products for the military, police and security markets.

DuPont Kevlar AS450X provides anti-stab, anti-spike and combined ballistic protection in
armor applications. The material is a lightweight laminate film that provides improved flexibility
and comfort, and was designed specifically for use in ballistic vests. DuPont notes the material
also offers enhanced mobility and comfort to those driving patrol vehicles.

DuPont Kevlar XP™S104 — the latest addition to DuPont’s Kevlar XP line of products — offers
water repellency in addition to improved bullet-stopping power and reduced back-face deformation.
DuPont reports the fabric is especially suitable for wear in tropical climates and other
challenging, wet environments.

November 26, 2013