Stoll Software Solutions Offers Tools To Manage Stoll Machines, Design Solutions

Germany-based H. Stoll GmbH & Co. KG has introduced Stoll Software Solutions to bring its
customers software tools to simplify production and improve productivity. Tools include Stoll-knit
report®2, M1plus®, Connectivity Tool, and Machine Update.

Stoll reports the Stoll-knit report2 management tool gives users the ability to control and
manage a group of knitting machines in a fast, efficient and flexible manner using a smart phone or
tablet device on the plant floor. Order management software allows the operator to send immediate
orders to machinery.

Stoll’s established M1plus is a component of the Design Software solutions series of products
for fast and efficient design and pattern creation. M1plus supports all of Stoll’s knitting
applications including Fully Fashion, Stoll-knit and wear®, Intarsia, Stoll-Multi gauges®, plating,
Stoll-devoré knit® and plush.

All Stoll knitting machines are furnished with a USB interface, Ethernet and Stoll-KnitLan.
The new Connectivity Tool harnesses these features allowing the machines to communicate with one
another. Machine data may be transmitted and centrally stored in the network data storage unit.

The final application, Machine Update, facilitates machine operating system updates so that
efficient machine operation and innovative knitting techniques are maintained.

A new website,, provides a detailed overview of the new tools
broken out into five application areas: Management Tools; Flexibility; Pattern Design Software;
Connectivity; and Operating Systems.

October 1, 2013