Radiant Energy Systems Opens Pilot Coating Line

HAWTHORNE, N.J. — October 29 , 2013 — Radiant Energy Systems, Inc. has recently added a second
pilot line to its research and development laboratory. This new pilot coating line is designed for
laminating webs such as nonwovens using powder or web adhesives. Webs run on this line include
films, nonwovens and fabrics.

The line consists of an unwind roll for the primary substrate, a powder adhesive spreader, a
belt to carry the product through an infrared heater to melt the powder, an unwind for the second
web, a laminating nip and a rewind. Webs up to 30″ wide can be run. The line can be rented for any
period of time and customers are encouraged to participate in testing.

Posted October 29, 2013

Source: Radiant Energy Systems Inc.