Klopman Bases New Sungrazer 180 Fabric For PPE Clothing On Fortron® PPS Fibers From Celanese

SULZBACH, Germany, Florence, Ky., and Shanghai, PR China — October 16, 2013 — Fibers made with
Fortron® polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) from Celanese Corporation (NYSE: CE), the global technology
and specialty materials company, are woven into Klopman International’s newest fire resistant
textile technology — the Sungrazer 180 lightweight fabric that provides reliable protection for the
Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) clothing industry.

The new Sungrazer 180, a light weight option (185 g/m²) to the mid-weight Sungrazer version
(260 g/m²), is part of the innovative Klopman fabric line that first incorporated Fortron PPS
fibers in 2010. Fortron PPS from Celanese is combined with a high content of PROBAN® flame
resistant (FR) treated cotton, to maximize the inherently flame retardant property benefits of the
polyphenylene sulfide.

High-temperature Fortron PPS fiber spinning grades excel in protective clothing applications.
Fortron PPS provides a very high continuous service temperature — up to 192 degrees Celsius (377.6
degrees Fahrenheit) and up to 240 degrees Celsius (464 degrees Fahrenheit) for incidental exposure.
High-temperature stability, combined with outstanding chemical and solvent resistance, means
Fortron PPS fiber spinning grades are an ideal choice in various industries, including chemical,
pharmaceutical, automotive, consumer and household goods.

Sungrazer 180 fabric, based on a balanced blend of 41 percent Fortron PPS and 58 percent
flame retardant-treated cotton and 0.5 percent anti-static material, provides excellent tear
strength with a natural degree of elasticity, extremely high shape retention good durability based
on excellent abrasion resistance. The result: A high degree of comfort, even after repeated
industrial laundering.

Synthetic fibers have revolutionized the clothing industry. Today, synthetic fibers for
specialty leisure, sport and work clothing provide distinguishing properties — from elasticity and
durability to low weight and high comfort and even protection against specific substances and
extreme temperatures. Fortron PPS is positioned for use in extreme cases and with good reason.The
ideal combination of protection and flexibility is the most important requirement for workwear in
some jobs. Workers in contact with heat or fire, chemicals, oils or similar substances need special
workwear protection that still allows them to move freely.

Sungrazer — Fabric For Multifunctional Protection

Klopman International, one of the major European producers of polyester/cotton blended
fabrics for work and protective wear, developed its first Fotron PPS high performance
multifunctional fabric with Celanese in 2010. The original Sungrazer 260g/m2 high-performance
fabric uses a blend of 40 percent Fortron PPS, 59 percent flame-retardant-treated cotton and 0.5
percent anti-static material.

Protective clothing made with the lighter the new Sungrazer 180 is more comfortable to wear,
especially in high-temperature surroundings, and provides improved breathability — all without
losing any of its excellent chemical properties. Shrinkage properties remain very good.

Certified for heat, flame and anti-static protection, it can be combined in a single fabric
and used at high temperatures. This fabric is certified with:

  • European Norm (EN) International Organization For Standardization (ISO) 11612 Clothing for
    protection against heat and flame
  • EN 1149-5 Protective clothing — electrostatic properties

Excellent Starting Product – Reliable Final Product

Proven in harsh environments, Fortron PPS is chemical and temperature resistant and are
inherently flame retardant. Staple and multifilament fibers, as well as non-woven fabrics of superb
quality, are manufactured with the Celanese line of Fortron PPS spinning grades designed for a wide
variety of demanding uses. In addition to protective and safety textiles, these applications
include filtration, electrical and high-temperature insulation, composites and rubber
reinforcement, and fire barriers.

Posted October 22, 2013

Source: Celanese