Jeanologia Introduces EIM Software To Assess Environmental Impact

Spain-based Jeanologia — a developer of sustainable apparel finishing technologies — has introduced
Environmental Impact Measuring (EIM) software to assess the environmental impact of garment
finishing processes and measure water, energy and chemical usage as well as its impact on worker

Jeanologia reports the EIM software provides a tool for laundries and garment-finishing
companies to measure the environmental impact of their processes and help them adopt more
sustainable practices.

“Thanks to EIM software and Jeanologia technologies, we can say that product and ecology are
now possible,” said Enrique Silla, president, Jeanologia. “We do not have to sacrifice the product
to be green; a vintage and fashionable product can be done in a completely sustainable way, without
harming the environment and without increasing production costs.”

September 3, 2013