AATCC Issues New Stain Release Replica

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. —September 20, 2013 — AATCC has developed a new digitally-printed
Stain Release Replica for use with AATCC Test Method (TM) 130, Soil Release: Oily Stain Release
Method. The new Stain Release Replica was developed by the Association’s RA56 Stain Release
Committee Task Force, which conducted testing of the replica across six different labs.


The study demonstrates that the new replica provides results comparable to those obtained
using the previous AATCC Stain Release Replica scale.  The overall standard deviation for the
new replica was lower than that for the previous replica, suggesting less variability and more
discrete determinations. Similarly, the range of individual values for the new replica (minimum to
maximum) was narrower than the range from the previous replica, suggesting better precision or less


Labs using this test method should remember that it is important to replace the stain
release replica every 12 months and to store the replica in the dark to prevent fading, as
recommended in TM 130.


AATCC sends a grateful thank you to the following laboratories that participated in the
development of the new Stain Release Replica:  SGS Consumer Testing Services, Manufacturing
Solutions Center, Hanesbrands Inc., Cintas Corporation, Cotton Incorporated, and 3M.

Posted September 24, 2013

Source: AATCC