StarChem Introduces StarTex™ Resin 6036

Wellford, S.C.-based specialty chemicals manufacturer StarChem LLC has introduced StarTex™ Resin
6036, a formaldehyde-free reactant for finished fabrics and garments. The company reports the
reactant provides good shrinkage control and shade protection; is non-yellowing on whites; and
imparts a smooth, soft hand.

StarTex Resin 6036 is applied from a pad bath to cellulosic/polyester blends at 8 to 12
percent on-weight-of-bath (owb) concentrations, and to cellulosic fabrics at 12 to 20 percent owb.
The amount needed depends on variables such as fabric construction and blend, and wet pick-up. The
resin may be cured with a magnesium-based catalyst such as StarTex Catalyst HC, and may be diluted
by mixing with cold water.

August 6, 2013