James Heal Debuts TruFade Light Fastness Tester

United Kingdom-based textile testing equipment manufacturer James H. Heal & Co. Ltd. has
introduced its TruFade Light Fastness Tester for light fastness testing on textiles, leather and
other materials.

According to the company, the tester offers features that enhance speed and safety during
operation, including: a height that allows for a clear view and the lamps to be changed without the
use of a step ladder; a wide-opening test chamber that allows for samples to be comfortably loaded
and unloaded; an easy-access water chamber that facilitates cleaning and filling; an innovative
sample management system that allows for individual holders to be held and changed with the touch
of button while other tests are performed; and an auto-stop facility to automatically set a
specific stopping time.

In addition, the TruFade features touch screen controls similar to a smartphone menu; and the
touch screen’s angle may be adjusted to each user for optimal viewing. The tester also features
software that tracks the samples’ fading progress and the life of the lamp and filters, and uses a
traffic light system that enables statuses to be viewed at a glance.

The TruFade’s triangular sample holders allow for up to 27 specimens to be tested
simultaneously, offering an exposure area totaling 1,640 square centimeters.

August 6, 2013