Bayer CropScience Debuts E3 Sustainable Cotton Program

Bayer CropScience, Germany-based Bayer AG’s subgroup focused on agricultural markets, has launched
its e3 sustainable cotton program — a voluntary, transparent program that sets guidelines for U.S.
farmers who grow Certified FiberMax® and authentic Stoneville® cotton, enabling them to establish
environmentally responsible, economically viable and socially equitable practices. The company will
maintain an exclusive certification database that buyers may consult to identify the source of the
cotton they are using.

“The concept of sustainable cotton grew out of the desire of farmers, textile producers,
brands and retailers to meet consumer demand for a renewable source of cotton,” said Brent
Crossland, fiber development manager, Bayer CropScience.

Participating farmers may use the online Fieldprint® Calculator — designed by Field to
Market, the Keystone Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture — to evaluate farm performance.
Performance is then verified via in-season and post-harvest third-party audits. Certified bales are
entered into the database and shipped to the customers. The Fieldprint Calculator enables farmers
to see the impact of their farming practices on the natural resources involved and determine where
they may make improvements vis-à-vis sustainable productivity; land, irrigation water and energy
usage; soil loss; and greenhouse gas emissions.

New York City-based Olah Inc., producer of the biannual Kingpins show focused on denim
fabrics, trends and production, is providing marketing and consulting assistance to Bayer

August 6, 2013