52nd Dornbirn Man-made Fibers Congress (DORNBIRN-MFC) 11th-13th Of September 2013: Communicating The Future Of Man-made Fibers

VIENNA, Austria — July 3, 2013 — The 52nd DORNBIRN-MFC continues to be geared towards the
European/American lead event in the field of man-made fibers. The capability of the man-made fibers
world to manage the future challenges is underlined by topics like sustainability, innovation,
communication and the dialogue with the young generations. Life cycle analyses are helping to get
an overall picture and are gaining importance. For the third consecutive time registration numbers
of early bird participants show a strong increase and underline the interest in this event.

Enlarged Spectrum of Lectures Lead to Better Overall Pictures

Thank to the coordinated worldwide activities of the programme committee, in depth contacts
to academic research institutes, international roof organisations and cluster events, the plenary
session will be opened by Mr. Weninger/President of the AUSTRIAN MAN-MADE FIBERS INSTITUTE
(AUSTRIAN-MFI). His speech will deal with the challenges and potentials that are waiting to be
exploit for the industry. Welcome addresses from the province of Vorarlberg and the ITMF will
follow. Within the framework of the opening session the awarding of the PAUL SCHLACK WILHELM 
ALBRECHT prize will take place, followed by a short presentation of the awarded work.

CIRFS (European Man-made Fibres Association)/Brussels will report about the future
challenges for the European man-made fibers industry, followed by HUVIS Corporation/Korea with a
presentation about the current status of the Korean man-made fiber industry and the trends of
technological developments, the German Institute of Textile- and Fiber Research, Center for
Management Research/Denkendorf with a lecture on: “The Textile Revolution – Trends and Challenges
at the New Start of the Textile Industry”. The morning plenary session will be closed with a
presentation of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition Inc./San Francisco on the topic: “The HIGG Index
and Collaboration in the Apparel Industry”.

The 104 individual lectures in all sections will present within the topic “MARKET OVERVIEWS”
e.g. case studies about new markets in Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea and Turkey; innovations with
“Centers of Excellence”; a world class textile production in India starting from the green field.
The most important topic “FIBER INNOVATIONS” will be opened by EURATEX/Brussels with proposals for
EU financed fiber- and textile research projects; CPSC (US Consumer Product Safety commission) will
report about their textile-related activities. For the first time lectures will be held about the
key technologies in spinning processes leading to optimised product performance. Other topics like
“SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS FOR THE FIBER INDUSTRY” will present new findings in the field of
biopolymers, etc. “FINISHING” e.g. efficient use of raw materials, energy-efficient finishing
methods; “UNCONVENTIONAL FIBER APPLICATIONS” e.g. medical applications, innovative fields for
carbon-fibers, recycling concepts. “SPORTS- AND FUNCTIONAL WEAR” will address monitoring topics,
climate aspects (PCMs), garments for an ageing society, IR-reflecting garments etc.

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The Concept of Clustering is Gaining Importance

Prior to the DORNBIRN-MFC, ITMF (International Textile Manufacturers Federation) Zurich will
hold its annual meeting from 8th to 10th of September 2013 in Bregenz. Some 200 decision makers
worldwide from fibers, textiles, auxiliaries, textile machinery are expected to attend. Main aim is
to encourage the exchange of know-how between users of cotton and man-made fibers.

High ranking delegations from national associations e.g. AFMA/USA, JCFA/Japan, 
KOFOTI/Korea and from Taiwan Man-Made Fiber Industries Association are expected to attend.
CIRFS/Brussels and IVC/Frankfurt will hold meetings in parallel to DORNBIRN-MFC. LENZING AG will
hold a workshop with their customers in Dornbirn. For 2014 further cooperation are foreseen.


Fashion Show of Textile College/Dornbirn with Textiles in TENCEL®

On the opening day 11th September 2013 the mayor of Dornbirn invites traditionally all
DORNBIRN-MFC participants for dinner. The buffet will offer again specialities from the region and
the students of the HTL Dornbirn will present an innovative fashion show. This year the fashion
show includes a sequence of garments made from TENCEL® Fibers from LENZING AG.

Make Use of this Unique Communication Platform

Experience the latest developments and trends of the international man-made fibers world and
expand your know-how through networking with more than 800 participants from more than 30
countries.Simply register online for your participation under www.dornbirn-mfc.com.

We will be pleased to see you again!

Posted July 8, 2013

Source: Austrian Man-Made Fibers Institute