Xanofi Teams With Seika For Distribution In Japan

Raleigh, N.C.-based Xanofi — developer of XanoShear™ nanofiber production technology targeted to
filtration, acoustic and other nonwovens applications — has signed a 10-year agreement with Seika
Corp. — a Tokyo-based conglomerate with businesses in a range of industrial markets — under which
Seika will distribute Xanofi’s products in Japan.

“This agreement allows Xanofi to expand market penetration for our upcoming products while at
the same time creating awareness of our new technology,” said Miles Wright, CEO, Xanofi. “It’s a
partnership that gives us a strong presence in numerous countries.”

Xanofi introduced its XanoShear technology in November 2012 as a cost-effective,
high-yielding alternative to existing meltblown and electrospinning nanofiber production
technologies. XanoShear comprises a liquid-based platform for the production of water-dispersible
staple fibers that can be integrated using existing production methods into products for
applications including medical, filtration, acoustic and energy applications. Products have been
manufactured using wet lay methods, and the company reports is developing wet and dry spraying

According to Xanofi, the technology offers advantages including high scalability and the
ability to apply functionalizing coatings or particles to fibers at full production speeds. In
addition, the platform features a closed, energy-efficient system that does not release materials
into the environment.

May 21, 2013