Texnology Debuts Ellittica Needle Loom

Italy-based Texnology — a manufacturer of needle looms, web drafters, profiling systems, turnkey
lines and cross lapper systems — reports its newly developed and patented Ellittica needle loom can
operate as a vertical or elliptical loom and is steplessly adjustable.

Ellittica features connecting rods that join and merge in one gear shaft connected to a
single motor, enabling both vertical and horizontal needle board movement, thereby ensuring that
the needles tilt in the direction of the material being processed and virtually eliminating the
need to draft the web as it is pulled through the loom. The machine can process nonwovens as light
as 35 grams per square meter in addition to heavier high-loft nonwovens.

Other features include: 4-D shaft balancing; honeycomb structure with filling technology;
new-generation energy-efficient transmissions; low operating temperature; automatic needle plate
locking; assisted needle plate removal system; digitally adjustable bed plate and needle beam that
is made from a special allow; pneumatic cylinders to automatically open side doors and panels;
automatic lubrication system; a PLC Texnology programmable logic controller program to ensure the
needle pattern is optimized; Semina program to create the optimized needle pattern; and Settimo
Senso (seventh sense) to implement Semina during operation.

Customers may conduct trials using their own materials at Texnology’s technology center near
Venice, Italy.

The company’s U.S. representative is Zimmer America Corp., Spartanburg.

May 14, 2013