Azonprinter Introduces New Formats Of UV Printers

ZAGREB, Croatia — May 6, 2013 — Azonprinter, the leading manufacturer of Direct to Garment and
Direct to Substrate printers has engaged in the development of UV printers. Due to the high demands
of the market, Azonprinter decided to develop new models to be able to offer their customers the
latest technology. AZON UV models allow printing on wide range of substrates (leather, pvc, glass,
ceramic, aluminium, canvas, steel etc.), thus enabling durable final product.


New UV printers come in 3 formats with printable surface 30*80 cm (A3), 42*60 cm (A2) and
60*80 cm (A1) and offer outstanding print quality. Standard model comes with CMYKWWWW but there is
an option with gloss or primer as well.


UV A2 models are QL and Q ROTAX. While QL offers applications up to 10 cm high objects, Q
ROTAX enables printing up to 30 cm high objects. AZON  Q UV is A3 model that prints color and
white in single pass up to 20 cm high objects with maximum printing resolution 5760 dpi. There is
also A1 and B0 model available for bigger production with maximum height of 20 cm.

Posted May 7, 2013

Source: Azonprinter